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March 2008

Print advertisment created by Trigger, Canada for Beaners, within the category: Professional Services.

Kids shouldn’t have adult hair.

Advertising Agency: Trigger Communications, Canada
Creative Director: Patrick Doyle
Art Directors: Sabrina Kaun, Todd Blevins
Copywriter: David Giovando
Photographer: Jason Stang

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First of all, you don't need the headline. The visual alone should be enough to show how ridiculous a child with an adult hairstyle looks.

Then again, this visual doesn't really look very ridiculous. Neither does the girl with big hair. And the kid with the comb-over just looks like an adult with a comb-over.

So maybe it's the problem with the idea.

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i beg to differ.

you'd need something to pay off the idea. a new tag perhaps.

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You lose that headline and it would be unclear.

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I agree that the headline is see say. The visuals are a lot of fun.

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Ed Mintone
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If it didn't have the line, you'd think beaners was responsible for the bad hair day.

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Old insight.

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I think this child looks too much like the other little boy. Why not grab a blonder child and give him the trump.

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in the states "beaners" is a very derogatory term for mexicans. i guess it's not the case in canada.

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The line is weak.

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As a Canadian I've never heard of that term. I think they are using it in relationship to BEANIE.. which is a hat that has a pin-wheel on the top - like in the logo. Nothing here I'm sure was meant to offend.

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no no. it wasn't meant to offend at all. cananda doesn't get much immigration from mexico.
we have beanies here, too...the hats.
just thought it was sorta ironic, as in the states i can't imagine they're be a store with that name.
it's based on the stereotype that mexicans eat a lot of beans.

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You need the headline if you want to communicate that kids shouldn't have adult hair. Without it, they just have bad hair.

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yes, viva la headline

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I Love the three pictures, an like very much the Idea,
but most I love the pictures



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even for adults these haircuts are not quite fancy...

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If you take away the picture, the communications would still be clear. But the ads will be more boring. So maybe the fault is in the idea. I think great ads are those that are stripped to its bare essentials, but are still memorable while communicating the message.

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ROFLOL! That kid looks like my dad when he was young!