Beanbag: Pen lifter

Advertising School: Sir JJ Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai, India
Art Director: Ganesh Nayak
Copywriters: Chintan Ruparel, Tanmay Bhat


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836 pencils

copy is engaging but i have no idea what this is selling and why

tanmay's picture
91 pencils

They're ads for beanbags.

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3216 pencils

I kinda like these.
strange, I know.

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I like the line "get lazy." I like the look and feel of the ads. I hate that I have to wade through acres of boring copy to get it.

If you made the visual work a bit harder you could get rid of the copy altogether and just keep the line, which is lovely. That way I could get it straight away.

Why say it when you can show it? You could retain the same visual style, just make the art communicate better. Instructional, maybe. Dashed lines and arrows. That sort of thing.

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