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kina creepy. don't like it.

Arnold Santillan

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I'm new here. Can anyone explain why they have bobbles coming up from their ears?
And why they don't look like enjoying the candy (or whatever is in their mouth)

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Being new has nothing to do with not understanding the ad. You need to know the product to get it.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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It's for a new toy called Fizz Pop that can melt brains. They already selled more than five million units. My child have one and yesterday her killed the dog with it. It was funny. Sad, but funny.
Go on, buy one for yourself.

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I know the product..

The suckers have sherbet in them which seeps out during the eating experience.

Odd ads though. Kids would probably dig 'em.

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Ha! Brilliant! And they picked kids with great ears for this.
Creepy maybe, but shows the fun of it.

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disgusting ad

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1 ad x 5.

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its more like a cmpaign for the children abuse (the killer lollipop :)

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I got it immediately but thats probably because I have had a fiz pop. Its funny and yes maybe a little creepy. But its a silly product with a fun execution. SMILE PEOPLE... ITS FRIDAY... GOSH!

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It's SATURDAY SOMEWHERE ELSE. the other half of the world.

Arnold Santillan

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Wow.. you have a point... I must ponder this now...

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Disco Munky
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That look like the kind of thing kids should have in their mouths?

The world is going to hell, and it seems we're in the drivers seat.


Doin' it for the points

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bubbly bubbles, there goes the brain drain...

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sorry for being timid, i dare not to try this.

But, credit to the cute little model. Nice emotion

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'ear candy'? lol

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The name is White
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Fizz Pop is a Lollipop here in South Afica and is
renowned for the fact that it's the only pop that fizzes in your mouth
and it tastes great!
The concept: So much FIZZ it'll come outta your ears!


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I don't like these ads at all, but i'd like to try a Fizz Pop. Too bad my country don't have those.

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