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Wahey... I already have this printed out and pasted prominently at my desk before it's up here. :)

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MADE in the USA
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This is an oxy-moron.

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The meaning of this ad is that inspite the fact that good advertising may not sell more stuff, still we should strive to make good ads that entertain people, that give new insights on life, that have a social responsibility, educational or have some other positive elements of good advertising. This is something we should do out of pride of our profession and because we want to elevate the level of the industry in general. It is like a being a proud architect, who doesn't just design a house that livable, but a house that he and the owner can be proud of. It may not keep the owner more protected against the weather, but the architect goes beyond that even if it's not strictly required by his brief. Or, a fireman who saves the hamster in a fire besides the family. He doesn't need to do it, but he wants to save as much as possible from the family's life, so he goes beyond his musts again out of pride. I'm sure you can find hundreds of parallels in your mind to other professions.

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This is a statement. and a good statement is building your image in a positive way. I like this one.

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MADE in the USA
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I think it depends on a persons perspective; If one comes from the point of view of “artistic creativity“
or “originality”, That’s for Professionals inside the industry.
The statement can indeed be true.

If one comes from the point of view of sales, Units sold...And Advertising is about Sales.
Then the Statement is absolutely not correct, "Good advertising Always sells more or it just isn't good advertising"
If I pay an agency to create a campaign for my product and sales never go up, It doesn’t matter if that campaign won every award there is and is recognized by industry professionals as incredibly creative.
If it doesn’t sell the product it’s a useless ad.

Success in Sales sells a client more often than Awards won.
\ : )

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Agree with Made in the USA. This statement is quite lovely, but it's completely wrong by definition. The primary objective of the advertising industry is, has, and always will be to increase sales. If advertising doesn't "sell more" then it doesn't meet the primary objective, and has therefore failed the purpose of its creation.

Design as a purely aesthetic excercise exists in many disciplines, and to that extent I would agree with this statement. But in advertising it is not purely aesthetic, it is a sales tool. A beatiful ad that sells no product is like an aerodynamic car that doesn't start.

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if the only thing ads are supposed to do is selling...

what if the ad is a blantant lie that increases sales? would you do it?

that might be the writer's definition of 'bad' (i.e. evil)

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printed and posted on my office wall.

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This is my philosophy.

//usevertising v.s badvertising//
C'est une question de vie ou de mort.

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