BC Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets: Boat

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Vancouver, Canada
Art Director: John Williamson
Creative Director: Paul Little
Copywriter: Mia Thomsett
Producer: Julian Davis
Account Manager: Julie Mitchell
Account Supervisor: James Pelletier


Hiperion's picture
3138 pencils

Poor art.

jponino's picture
601 pencils

yeah, and besides, is that advert???
because it seems to be just a graphic way to say, we sell ticket... anyway, TBWA has made a shit

Guest's picture

It says "if you scratch you could win money which alllows you to buy a boat/pool/etc..". Simple message done with a creative twist. You're damn right it's an advert, and a good one at that!

Jupiter's picture
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a creative twist that makes it slightly complicated...it looks more like "sketch & win" to me...because i can hardly see the logo 8-(

commenting just to gather more pencils:-)

Molecule's picture
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I think it's simple and it works. Art could have been better.

kondensofke's picture
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i like it

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