March 2008

Print advertisment created by Home Rosario, Argentina for BBZ, within the category: Finance.

Real Estate Investments.

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good idea no doubt

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Fabian Kirner
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Why are so many agencies "steal" ideas from artists?

Come up with own stuff...!

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My friend Fabian Kirner,

There's a HUGE difference between a resource and an idea.
I don't think anyone stole anything here. Worst case scenario, they knew that resource existed, and that's all. This is not a resource just for its sake. It's a great idea, beautifully executed, that happens to have the same resource than the link that you sent. But in the link that you sent, there's no idea at all.
Sorry, but you comment is flaky and it has no sense at all, if any, I see a little of envy on your comment. This is a great campaign, that many people will say "I wish I had done it"

To the team that did it: GREAT JOB! CONGRATULATIONS.

Fabian Kirner's picture
Fabian Kirner
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First of all:
I wish I had done it!

I totally agree with all of you guys. It is a great idea!

But: Don´t you feel, that some agencies or "creative people" are too often inspired by artists?
For example
All of a sudden, 3 agencies came up with this really excellent idea for some client.
And the real artist wasn´t even mentioned! Which is a shame. Cause I think it´s GREAT!
Other example
But in this case Jennifer Shiman ( was mentioned. So I think it´s ok!

All that I´m saying is that IF you use ideas from artists, add them to your credit list.

And: ideas can emerge at two different places at the same time (has happended to me too). But sometimes it´s a shame what agencies do to the real artist!!!

Keep on discussing! F

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i don't think the agency would sneak the artist's name on the ad itself...

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I agree

but for this case, its an art idea that is copied

the APPLICATION is original. . so I think this is still ok.

love it


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I think it's a different idea. But love the link, thanks!

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This idea isn't stolen at all. If anything, they saw the art, and liked it so they wanted to create a concept using that artist, or art similar to it. This is an idea, the artists work you referenced is just art. No concept what-so-ever.
These are nice ads.

Fabian Kirner's picture
Fabian Kirner
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Does art need a product-selling-concept?

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i also saw the link.. they are not the same at all!! these ads here are well done...

| everartz |

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It is NOT the same at all.
I do think the idea is cool, I'm just not a fan of ads with bills in them.
Seen too many.

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in my opinion this in not the same idea.
on the link sent by Fabian, the artist used the "cropping" as a continuity, whereas here, it is the monument that was ON the bill that has been erected, because from the investment comes the building.
quite simple, and not at all the same concept.

and i love it.

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good idea no doubt