BBH: The Axe effect

Great works.

Advertising Agency: Bartle Bogle & Hegarty Asia Pacific, Singapore
Executive Creative Director / Copywriter: Steve Elrick
Art Director: Hoon Pin Kek
Photographer: Geoff Ang
Production Managers: Asmanic Yang, Owen Lee
Retoucher: Procolor
Account Management: Lesley Anne John
Agency Producers: Michelle Tay, Xenia Tan, Jasmine Quek
Published: February 2008


theretiredmafia's picture
4 pencils

there's nothing worse than having agencies pat themselves on their backs.

Mr.Top's picture
728 pencils

I think so too... "Uhhh.. look at us... we are so GREAT.. uhhh"

Disco Munky's picture
Disco Munky
3900 pencils

yeah I know what you mean, you'd think this was a site dedicated to ad folk showing can't see me but I'm winking.

Doin' it for the points

Have Heart's picture
Have Heart
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I also think the pen alone is enough of an idea.

NITROXROX's picture
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Was also done years ago for a coffee shop where the ring of the cup circled famous pay off lines, like Just do it. besides that, isn't Leo Burnett known for it's "pencil"?

joestamp's picture
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there's nothing worse than people being negative about good ideas!!
why moan that they have put something like this on a blogg?
well done, great idea, i want one of those pencils.

juliangray's picture
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great work! you sold me two pencils!

theretiredmafia's picture
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I'm not moaning and i will give agencies their due credit if they did do some nice self promotion.. like the AMV one with D&AD pencils a few years ago. but this is plain poor.

If you have been around agencies enough you should know that such a pencil already exist in BBH. yes they give them out. and yes it is a good idea (the pencil) but the ad is cringeworthy.

BFB's picture
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The pencil should be in there alone. You don't need more.

monicamexico's picture
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This takes WAY too long to get. I thought it was an ad for Axe. "The Axe Effect" is far from brilliant, so I wouldn't advertise that as your strong point.

Misstree's picture
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Hmmm...i tend to disagree. yes, blowing ur own trumpet ever so obviously is tasteless. but then again, this ad tells the world n all those who never knew that they came up with 'the axe effect'. N God knows that every Tom, Dick, Harry, Jane, Susan, Ann knows that tagline by heart (my dad knows it, 4 cryin' out loud!!).

So everybody will actually go "Hey! so these guys made those sexy ads!". even potential clients who wudn't have known otherwise. harping on ur good work is good. In my opinion, that is selling ur agency.


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