BBDO Central Asia: Numb3rs

Advertising Agency: BBDO Central Asia, Almaty, Kazakhstan
Creative Director: Leonid Tsymbal
Art Director: Nastya Kochergina
Released: November 2008


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nice one !!

Like it !!



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nice one but not artdirected well.

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You got something against grids? lol.

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i got it. i like it. does the n mean "square root"?... p.s. why is this job posting so creative? i mean... i find it unnecesary...never understood this need of the agencies to promote their job listings in creative ways...seems like not a lot of work for the clients there... well...what the hell do i know...anyway... i guess sometimes i like straight forward stuff. and this is just a gimmik...taken half way... make the numbers count for something... i remember an add that had an equation in it...that made sense in the copy, and had relevance for the targeted people...this could be just a font...

"U think it's perfect?! Press delete and start again!"

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the 'n' is a 2 turned sideways, just like many of the characters in the copy are turned sideways

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R u a dick head?
It also serves as agency self promo.

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The copy really doesn't need "the" in it, it would have flowed better without it. Besides that, this is a really clean, simple idea that does its job well.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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Nice idea but it looks terrible!

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if u did not understand it u cant win the job
so simple as it is

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if u did not understand the ads u cant win the job
it is so simple as it is

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if u did not understand the ads
u cant win the job
its so simple as it is

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i dun think those "media planner" can reli read it as art director did.

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I really like the look of it... attention grabbing and quite clever.

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Khazakhstan? It is great to see new places joining the ad world, and this 'aint bad. It would have been better 15 years ago when David Carson invented the type style, but good on you guys.

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wow!!!! really nice....

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it's very clever...

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The typo communicated the role of numbers in a media planner's job profile, so the copy should just read - We need a junior media planner.

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chick chock cake ^^

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Emran Hayat
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funtastic.. love the idea

Creativity is a natural extension of our enthusiasm

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Simple and clever.. Anyone good with numbers can get it too.. Purpose solved!!

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like the idea of number, very cool, just is most legible in small sizes.

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This is the greatest ad I have ever seen. Very simple but alot of creativity. WOW

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Great magnificent work. BBDO reigns.

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Very minimalist. Good art directorial.

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