Bayer Rintal: Drug trader

Eliminates all kind of Parasites.

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Quito-Guayaquil, Ecuador
Creative Directors: Guillermo Valverde
Art Directors: Guillermo Valverde
Copywriters: Miguel Jaramillo, Andrés Rodriguez
Photographer: Studio Cuesta
Additional credits: Pulpo Producciones
Published: January 2010

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wert's picture
77 pencils

someone to explain this....

beingofageoldgrace's picture
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rehpani's picture
312 pencils

ya entendí

lo que quiere decir es que las personas que están sobre los caballos son cosiderados parásitos!!!

GX's picture
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art.vs.commerce's picture
566 pencils

bad but kinda funny

monsieurange's picture
520 pencils

Otra vez! Necesito un GPS xq ya me perdí.

vaoleo's picture
81 pencils

ummm... Nada acertado.

SAM75's picture
218 pencils

Any ENGLISH clue?

tridipnandi's picture
220 pencils

it reduces antisocial elements too...???

NomadDCLXVI's picture
440 pencils

if it would be pieces of some photographers portfolio I would find it funny. otherwise this ad just does not work. it is able to attract attention, but doe not says anything. this is one of those ads what pretends to be understood right after you switch from funny image to straight forward copy, but in this case picture does not even hit the parasite area. May be only if they have put the headline: Drug dealer. otherwise it looks just like some guy in white suit in awkward position.

and still I cannot get rid of sense that this ad is created by some religious fanatics: Prostitute = parasite, Inmate = parasite, Drug dealer = parasite.


smartar's picture
54 pencils

seriuosly!! this is just wroooooong!!

silvi's picture
4172 pencils

Ok, how can i imagine that this is a drug trader?

NomadDCLXVI's picture
440 pencils

because he is in white suit, with white hat :)

now I will be much more suspicious about people in white clothes.


Meminho's picture
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shahidali's picture
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this campaign is classic case of worst possible advertising. seriously.
where's or who's the parasite? how do i know that he is a drug trader (just by white clothes?)? why a prostitute or a prisoner to be considered a paracite? what social message do we intend to pass? what will the consumer interpret from this artwork Vs what the brand intended to say? If we answer these questions, we might mesmerize ourself. Can't believe BBDO can be involved in such a scam!!!


NomadDCLXVI's picture
440 pencils

yeah. you are right. point by point. and definitely they put the BBDO name in bad light.
hopefully they will not repeat something like that again. mistakes happen.


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