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I'm not sure that just by using a water toy (I do not know the name for this in english!) the idea of "faster intestine" can be sold.

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Darrin Stephens
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It works. If you ever ride one of these water slides you'll find that you can zip right through all those tube and curves a just a few seconds. You can't stop even if you want to. Perhaps adding rushing water and shooting from an angle that would show the water moving in more of the tubes would have helped. Maybe, maybe not. But nevertheless, it's still a fun idea that works.

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Shut Theory
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i just read this comment half awake! what r u talking about? LOOOOOOOL try reading it fast and this is what u get:

"it works, zip right through all... you cant stop even if u want to... rushing water... shooting... angle...tubes... helped"


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Do I want a faster intestine?

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haha touché!
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Buono. ;)

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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I'll just sip my tea and observe from a distance thanks.

Mind you if you really want to get your head into a spin just bang your head against one of my tea bricks.


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Very good. smply clever and well executed.
Go Italy, go.

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that is, if you wanna feel like sh*t. propperly.

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I like the speed of my intestine, 6 km/h.
Just right.

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Ohhh, is it poopy friday? Are we going to get a bunch of ads dealing with "going number 1 and 2"? LOL!
I agree with Yokel, I don't think I want a faster intestine. Blech!

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unless you're constipated. then a faster intestine is a good idea. perhaps not waterslide fast. but faster. this isn't coming from experience mind you. just what i hear.

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certainly a bowl grabber.

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hey guys,it's a nice idea well executed. good work

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Very good, simple and clear. Good art too.

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