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Mtl Dave
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Nice one. All the serie is great. I also like the pack shot.

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Really like the photography. But since I don't have any tattoos I don't really understand this. Are you supposed to smear some of this stuff on you so it doesn't get infectious? Or does it make your tattoo look stunning?

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Mtl Dave
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I don't have any tattoos either, but I guess it's suppose to "refresh" them... so they look more "alive".

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MADE in the USA
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The product is a dry skin cream, Dry Skin can make a tattoo look dull. Nice photography.
mit-u )

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nice concept and great art direction

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Yeap nice concept and art direction. I like the simplicity of it. good work! One of my favorite campaign

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Does anybody know where to order this product? It' s fantastic but unfortunately its not available here in Norway...

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