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Somewhat similar. But I like the illustration much better here.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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DONE! This is the same thinking of an OLD OLD OLD winner from Argentina... Google up this tag "Geniol" and you will see a bold man with nails in the head.

Geniol was an aspirine-like headache painkiller and is so famous here in Argentina. If Im not wrong there was a campaign last year trying to reborn this bold man.

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yeah somewhat similar.
but its good.
leaves an impression.


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I know that these ideas have been explored earlier. But theres something strikingly unique about this campaign. The expression on the man with dynamites on his head is priceless. Great illustrations!

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hrrrr..... effective!

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i like these! but looks like the Jung von Matt Corporate (colours...) ;);)

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it's a new visual for aspirin campaign. i like these

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Apareció el Geniol! una vez más!

Done! and Re- done!
Assholes of the world.

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i like art..but not really the whole aspirin-in-the-shape-of-something idea.

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pooja gadodia
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its nice:)but could be better

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I saw this campaign February 2007 so It was before the weleda ads. I like it!!!

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