Bausch+Lomb Travoflo: Interruption, 3

Globally, Glaucoma is the second leading cause of blindness after cataract. In India, approximately 11 million people have lost their vision due to this incurable disease. Compliance is a major concern in treating Glaucoma as nearly 50% of patients admit non-continuous use of medications by 6 months after start of therapy. Multiple dosing limits patient’s adherence to the treatment and thereby, worsens the condition. Patients feel that the treatment of Glaucoma is inconvenient and interferes with their day-to-day life. Bausch+Lomb’s Travoflo is a convenient once-daily-dosing therapy for Glaucoma, which is aimed at improving patient compliance by reducing the number of interruptions and improving the overall outcome.

Advertising Agency: POINTBLANK Advertising, Mumbai, India

Director: Bindu Menon

Creative Head: Sujeesh Sukumaran 

Art Directors: Pankaj Bhatia, Krishna Kumkar

Copywriters: Smruthy Nair, Guruguhan Iyer

Account Manager: Ruchelle Dias

Account Executive: Shreyas Pinglekar


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your mom
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son, if i have to read all that description to get this ad, im sorry but it doesnt work for me

Don't argue with your mom!

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i like your comments... hahahahhaha :)

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Nothing special, but I think it's a nice, simple and clear visual.

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i dont get it...

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Ads for such pharmaceuticals are usually targeted only to doctors and their like. So, if it is placed in a hospital environment or something similar, I think it should work well.


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Three duds,

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The idea is based on the dosage of the drugs. Doctors generally write "1-1-1" for thrice a day dosing, which sometimes becomes irritating for the patients, whereas Travoflo is required only once a day.

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