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i don't get this. what do they advertise? needles?

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until someone explains what the product is, my "WOW" is on hold.

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bausch & lomb makes contact lenses. if you see better, you can get a bull's eye every time. directly in the center of the bull's eye no less. in other words, it's a bad ad. move along.

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what about the needle? Some kind of Robin Hood trick?

raverus's picture
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it's about the needle getting the dart, duh......
look at the end of the dart.

bad ad anyway..

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Have Heart
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Does it say something like double-precision?! The dart hits the bulls-eye and the needle hits the middle of the dart. If so, it doesn't work without a claim or something.

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So if you're already an expert precision dart player and your eyes are a bit crappy and you get some contact lenses from these guys...


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first of all that dartboard is a bit crappy. a dartboard doesn't look like that

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one needs to go the the earth's core to discover the idea. Suggestion, sleep with Wendy to find it out.

Yr's picture
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EXCELLENT idea, but as for me - art is overloaded a little bit

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king chen
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Very good idea, in the glasses products.

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That idea is horrible! What the hell IS the idea anyway?! Darts, needles, contactlenses??? wheres the link?

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Another 'scam ad' from some runaway China based creatives! Come on guys, at least try something with ideas.

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Ohh BTW, they should name themselves Tom, Dick & Harry!

Maxwedge's picture
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Moving right along then...

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Next time please spend money for something else.

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Are there anybody who can see an idea? I use Bausch&Lomb and see extra clear ha? Ohohoho! that is a great ad for idiotic consumers.

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