Bausch & Lomb contact lenses: Eye, 2

See them get lost in your eyes.

Advertising Agency: Draft FCB Ulka, New Delhi, India
Creative Director: Shiveshwar Raj Singh
Art Director / Illustrator: Mukesh Sablania
Copywriter: Vikram Sengupta
Published: March 2009


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KEWL guys... pretty KEWL. looks like Draft FCB Ulka is ricochetting back to its position of creative finesse it once had.

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Hey look... another maze! That's just what advertising needs: more mazes.

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and less commenters like you...

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cheekoo 2971
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Dear, why a maze inside the eye?????
I think its not working!!!!! sorry

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Uh, no one wants their contacts to get lost in their eyes.

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Cheekoo 2971 - although we are aware one shouldn't need to explain one's idea, the thought was simply that Bausch and Lomb contact lenses make your eyes so attractive that people get lost in your eyes. Hope that helps.
And dear Guest I think you have totally misunderstood the ad. The contact lenses can hardly get lost since the maze here is itself the metaphor for the eyeball which wears the contacts. I guess you get the drift now :-)

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That must be the creative director.

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APPLAUSE for illustrator
gr8 illustratn dt makes intuition strong

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awesum....wrk...illustratn part

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ffs ppl wtf s wrong with u.. every1 with lenses wants them to look real Clever ad (disappearing=real)

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