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Well, I'm a Magic player, so yes, it's art from the game, and I'm and advertising student, so yes HORRIBLE BODYCOPY. I have no clue what Wizards was doing when they gave the OK to print this rubbish. Sure, the arts are awesome, and it drags people in, but without good copy, it just pushes them back out. I hope they choose to do better next time, because I'm quite disappointed. Good art doesn't make a good ad! The copy has to compliment it. If I were to rate the 3 from best to worst, I'd have to say this is their best one, making the most sense in the copy, It almost worked, then, would have to be the warrior guy, seeing how it made less sense, but it was at least readable, and the worst is the fiery one. Literally I think they said screw it, it looks AWESOME, they won't even want to read it. Bad marketing =.=''