Basics 029: Hangover

Basic hangover

Advertising Agency: Happy, Bangalore, India
Chief Creative Officer: Praveen Das
Executive Creative Director: Kartik Iyer
Art Director: Viduthalai Raj
Copywriter: Athul Chathukutty
Photographer: Miro
Studio Head: Ramakrishna R
Account Supervisor: Neelima Kariappa
Account Executive: Vigya Atri
Published: August 2011


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make it stop

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Something about The Complete Smiths

"Ubi hubave lubearned thubat ubanuby fubool cuban wrubite uba bubad ubad, bubut thubat ubit tubakes uba rubeal gubenubiubus tubo kubeep hubis hubands uboff uba gubood ubone."
-Lubeo Buburnubett

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Roger Keynes
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:) A few Creatives with Thorns in their Sides around here!

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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I'm not very informed on Indian culture and business procedures but perhaps someone can enlighten me.

I've noticed a lot of Indian ads on ATOW are featuring caucasians. Is this by any chance a deceptive marketing strategy positioning indian brands as faux american brands? Or is there a large caucasian market in india I've never heard about?

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Very astute observation and a valid question. First, I looked up the phrase Caucasian..

An anthropological definition: "Of or being a human racial classification distinguished especially by very light to brown skin pigmentation and straight to wavy or curly hair, and including peoples indigenous to Europe, northern Africa, western Asia, and India". Which in this case, you have no case.

So what really bothers you is why you don't see what you believe to be typical "Indian" people in those ads

You in a way ask for categories and "casts". No more global village that caters to all. You are looking for differences in appearences and wanting to 'feel' the gaps between cultures.

Funny, you don't make this remark to american ads that use "Afro-Americans" models or we should call it by the race: Negros.

It seems that the (nausiating) PC movement cannot after all let go of some stereotypes , we still need them to define ourselves.

That will be 5 cents for this analysis. :-)


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you're about him pointing out the caucasian thing.

but still, if the target are people from and in india the models doesn't look like them.
in thailand they do this as well.

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If Sir Ivan would be kind enough to bring ads from Thailand (and not the crappy shopping mall ones like, I'll pick up the gauntlet.


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Ok, I'm not trying to be offensive here or appear racist. I live in Canada, we live and work with all races. We do have very multi-cultural advertising.

So to me it sounds like in this is how Indians idealize themselves. You have socially accepted it this way rather than seeing the ads as blatantly trying to project americanization onto people so they buy more.

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I agree..
The use of Caucasians could partly be attributed to the desire of being a 'light-skinned' person.
@Hadrons - That apart, Also, i would definitely not use the N word when describing African Americans!

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I wouldn't call it deceptive, just creating appeal for that market by showing that its "Caucasian style", would be my guess.

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jai hind
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in total agreement with the observations made by arthor, may be inferiority complex of my nation, in-spite of going strong in all the arenas viz.; economy, education, development etc.

jai hind
art director

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Yes, that is what I'm really wondering. Do the people lack the technology and worldliness to realize this is NOT an american brand.

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Metropolitan cities in India are considered as vital economical, cultural and political centres. Further, the metropolitan cities like Bangalore are also considered as the crucial hub for international communications. So I guess: In Metropolitan or Semi-Metropolitan: these ads can work...

Advertising, especially advertising for fashion and lifestyle products, is material for ordinary people’s fantasy about who they are and what kind of people they wanna be. How are the teenagers and children in the process of constructing a storyline about their individual and cultural identities influenced by the fact that guys and gals with foreign looks occupy the billboards and those in their semblance get kicked out?

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however flat

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Not a fan really.

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not 'happy'

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