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I don't like these small-car-ads anymore. All the same. Boring.

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come on axxl, what about your honda monkey ad? :)

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Not bad. At least it's a small-car-ad that even kids will understand. Nice art-direction.

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it's ok, don't like the art, the background is too blurry

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same ad, with barbie's hair, done by ogilvy sao paulo couple of years ago

it's nice. i like

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Nice stuff.

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The fact that they are small has been done enough now. Isn't there more to this product?

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Jonny Lonestar
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how much cooler would it have been if the draft ripped Barbie's clothes off? every Barbie doll ends up naked, and sexless, within the first 2 years anyway.

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good thought

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i'm not sure if "even kids" would get this as PeteHH said, kinda depends on their age but i don't think most kids would link this picture with a fast driving car. that's a typical adult train of thought, kids usually don't think outside the box - when they see a car, it's a car ad, when they see a barbie, it has to be a barbie ad. of course this is of no importance as toy ads are primary targeted at adults anyway. haha

agree with jonny lonestar, the naked barbie would be much better. some would say it's sexist, blabla, but it would perfectly fit into this latin american way of raising little macho monsters. ahhhhh, my sweet stereotypes.

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Maybe those ex-saatchis China kids could have a crack at a Hotwheels scam?

I see burning cars.... charred bodies.......

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I think this is a perfect way to incorporate two hugely iconic Mattel products.

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