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god. shut up.

Zeus's picture
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well said...shut up!!

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And maybe in a perfect world the WWF and Animal Rights
hunt and exterminate the copy and the art director of this ad.
What a shame.

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"Will" isn't centered.

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Abra Cadabra
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That dude does not look like the manly bbq type at all. He looks like someone who would take his girlfriend (or boyfriend) to a sushi bar before the Shins concert.

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hehehe. *SNORK* agreed.

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Neil Levy
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how 'bout trying to help the person. write one thing that might make the ad better in some way. lose the picture. that's my vote. trail runner had a good thought. anyone else?

my two cents...we should help each other because one day, we might work with each other. in a way, we already do. it's a small industry.

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Agreed. Let's try to be positive here.

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Audrius Kubrik
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Neil, oh how i would love to be positive, but particularly this ad has very negative vibrations in all aspects: copy, image, art direction. it sounds aggressive and brutal. if someone tells me that it's all down to people whom this ad is aiming at...i simply refuse to believe there are these kind of people. i don't subscribe to this infernal grin on any level. let's see "their" other work. i just didn't like this, don't get so upset, we're all going to be just fine

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Frits Harkema
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'Where men are men and the sheep are nervous.'

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no, will is centered, period isn't hung. tsk, tsk...

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Audrius Kubrik
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so bad it's anonymous.

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Is there a kinda we are better than the dudes from the rest of the world kind of attitude emanating from the comments? Most of the time I feel people comment without understanding - what the product is, who it is meant for. It is also a basic flaw of this site.

Anyways I think the product is a grill - for grilling meat. Does the model really have to "look" like a bbq type? And like Neil pointed out, there is no call for action in the ad.

I think the responses should be on the advertising aspects and not on how stupid everyone is.

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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I'm fairly new to this site, but it seems to me that all anyone does is tear down other people's work.

Barbeques Galore is a grilling store. They are scattered throughout the US. There is one in Atlanta that I know about and you can walk in and buy grills or grilling equipment...you can drop $10K on a huge manly man grill that could hold a hog.

Anyway - i like the approach that was taken. Men usually reign over the grill and it seems that these were aimed towards men who like meat. And I bet that there's no call to action because these were posters for the store. Barbeques Galore stores usually do have posters in their windows and what not.

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