August 2008

Print advertisment created by BBH, Brazil for Bank of the Planet, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Bank of the Planet. Investments generating information and actions.

Advertising Agency: Neogama/BBH, São Paulo, Brazil
Executive Creative Director / Creative Director / Copywriter: Alexandre Gama
Art Directors: Márcio Ribas, Cláudia Issa
Photographer: Paulo Vainer
Illustration 3D: Caio Montanari
Digital Retouch: Daniel Leão, Willian Teixeira

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des4graphic's picture
Activity Score 282

great work

\\Graphic in every where.... look around you!\\

Zeus's picture
Activity Score 906

I like this campaign...Awesome visuals

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Activity Score 153

All are great photoshop and in general is a touchy campaign. Is a common theme this days and I believe it takes advantage very well. I mean, it also seems that worked for the critics in here. Visuals are "done" as they use to say.

si fai il mio nome, non ci sono più...

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Activity Score 153

of course... since only 3% is drinkable water it would NEVER be called "Water". Since we can walk in it, thanks to the steady ground, it shall be called "Earth"...

si fai il mio nome, non ci sono più...

leaking bucket.'s picture
leaking bucket.
Activity Score 136

These are all nicely done.

That said, I feel like there is a lack of an emotional value to them. The visual is good, the copy is clear but I still feel like they are all a bit "cold" and too factual. None of them struck an the emotional nerve like they should of.

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Activity Score 7313

This campaign is solid work. Some of the lines are a bit unpolished, but that has obviously more to do with translation difficulities than the actual concept. Well done.

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Senhora Kolossa
Activity Score 483

i like it. it's awesome like a plane´!

Prof's picture
Activity Score 1449

Quite really.

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Crisp One
Activity Score 2005

yeeeeaaaah... i see what your saying, but its using the sphere metaphor
in relation to our planets shape, not to tie in with the tag line like
with Travelers.

BTW the animators deserve props on the Travelers Spot, looks awesome!

Activity Score 1838

Yeah this works alright.

Lines work fine, visual is nice too.

We're going to need more lube.

juniojo's picture
Activity Score 11

not bad!!

good copy

purplehasegirl's picture
Activity Score 16

really good visuals !!!

Jahongir's picture
Activity Score 44

Great Idea! I like

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piet miller
Activity Score 58

If only 3% is drinkable, isn't that a nice angle to create an ad?

pscs's picture
Activity Score 440

aka conserve water :)

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Activity Score 282

great work

\\Graphic in every where.... look around you!\\