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rather poor photoshop... and so-so idea... in my opinion of course

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i agre with musback… I had better photoshop skills in school.


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i cant belive that they used the liquify tool to make the bump in the car and left the lights as if they didnt matter..

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i can't believe they used toy cars and photoshopped them.
if they really had NO budget they should have come up with another idea...

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this is literally a line i wrote...in college. along with, "don't get smashed" with a shot of, guess what...a smashed car. these are pathetically junior.

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I agree the execution is amateurish. But as an ad the headline and visual work together nicely. The compliment each in a visual way...and deliver the message nicely.

The art direction needs serious help though

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that doesn't look much like a rock to me

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"on the sea sponge"

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That'd be tasty...

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Moe Al_mahayni
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floating sea sponge

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me thinks
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Like the idea. I'm not sure about execution.

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amit parekh
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done by student work earlier.

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I had just the same concept for a radio spot... guess I have to work more on executions than writing concepts on my notebook.

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puns! yikes!

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Lets have bloody mary with a picture of a woman run over, yikes indeed, may have seen this before in an awards annual from 1967

Strip. Strip. Strip.

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very good idea....... executed very badely

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