Band-Aid: Censored cuts, 3

Advertising School: Miami Ad School / ESPM, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Art Director / Illustrator: Rogerio de Castro
Copywriter: Pedro Rosas

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Milan Solanki
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logo is missing, and copy too (credit shows name of the copywriter)

Uncertain's picture
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who need copy and logos when the message in clear?

Uncertain | Assumption is the Mother of All Fuckups

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pretty much obvious that this one's a student work

they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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This ad is featured in Luerzer's Archive vol. 04-2013 and was the first ad created by students considered for the Luerzer's Archive cover page. Advertising is about simplicity and this guys get there.

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yup, student work. "let's put a bandaid on the blade" zzzz

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I like it even if it is student work.

daniloy's picture
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Great work.
Does it really need a logo, seriously?

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I agree with Milan, if you don´t know which brand is advertising, it do not transmit any idea.

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Need a logo. It´s selling the category. But it´s nice. Good job!

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For a museum? Which brand?

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Art director here. The ad is missing the copy just by a touch of style (the ideia came from a conversation between me, the copywriter and our teachers) and the logo is missing on purpose. In Brazil and many other countries Band-Aid has become a genericized trademark for any adhesive bandage, so when someone goes into a pharmacy here looking for adhesive bandages he asks for Band-Aid, not other brands, even if he is looking for 3M Nexcare he calls it a Band-Aid. Then we took advantage of this cultural factor and hid the brand since we believe that the ad would gain more power. Not showing it but instantly making 100% of people think "oh, it's a Band-Aid on this ad", letting the product become its own brand. Maybe it doesn't work in most countries but here it is 100% understandable.

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Thanks for the explanation. But it's still off. While Band-Aid is as ubiquitous as Kleenex is for facial tissues, you cannot assume that it's for that brand. There are many other companies that make plastic bandages. However, great discussion with your teacher and classmates. You'll go far.

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people say band-aid in reference to any brand of bandage here in the USA as well, so it's not just in brazil.

problem is, youre mixing 2 ideas. look at the mcdonalds campaign that recently got posted here on AoTW. they just show the food.
they dont try to mix in another idea.

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Castro, I understand, but who cames into this site, even a brazilian one will see the ad with foreign eyes. It happened to me.

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beautiful, and love you guys came on here to discuss. Anything that divides opinion is good in my book

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