Band Aid: Roberto

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, São Paulo, Brazil
Creative Director: Victor Holanda

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Kateter's picture
2020 pencils

if this hasn't been done before (would be surprised if not), it's pretty good.

I like it a lot.

Albondiga's picture
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Good idea but absolutely shocking Photoshop. Sorry.

oshe's picture
852 pencils

NIce photo, nice concept


dlusion's picture
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Wow this photoshop and photography is bad, I think they need a human anatomy lesson. His/her arms should've been pointed down or something because without seeing the bottom part of the arm in the lower right and left corners, it creates an illusion where his/her arms look massive. However, the idea is great which is the most important part, just re-create this idea and you got a solid piece.

dico's picture
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excellent idea!!! (art direction a little lazy)

whitewhite's picture
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i dit get the idea. cud someone tell pls

mk86's picture
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The idea is that she had a tattoo of someone else's name and she's covering it.


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manu adithya
82 pencils

i like it!

NatalieM's picture
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Funny idea. Keep working on the art.

FXP's picture
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@ whitewhite: It can be both 'Carol' and 'Roberto' (at least thats how I understood it). It can either be a naked woman sitting down with her legs spread, or a man's upper back

Johan Nerman's picture
Johan Nerman
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Eh, no? It's undoubtedly a woman's neck/upper back. The point is she's covered an old tattoo of a man's name with the name Roberto. I guess.

AristideMas's picture
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Aristide, Account Ex., Nelson Publicis, Douala, Cameroun

Whoah, is it a shoulder or a flat extended buttocks. I don't feel the band-aid is actually pasted on the skin.

Aristide, Strategist, Exp. Marketing, Cameroon

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