Bancolombia Insurance: Twister

Advertising Agency: DDB/Medellín, Colombia
Creative Directors: Rodrigo Bolívar, Rodrigo Dávila, Marco Muñoz
Art Directors: Daniel Calle, Juan Espitia, Oscar Martínez, Mauricio Cortés, Adrián Arroyave
Copywriters: Juan Arboleda, Andrés Estrada
Illustrators: Daniel Arciniegas, Mauricio Cortés
Producer: Juan García / Vita
Executive Directors: Hamilton Peña, Felipe López
Published: January 15


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Captain Mazda
116 pencils

There are no tornadoes in Columbia, they could've picked a more relevant natural disaster.

alausa's picture
1426 pencils

As long as people get the inevitability...

MindDrift's picture
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The bank doesn't only serve Colombia but also USA, Peru, Puerto Rico, Panama...

MattValenzuela's picture
214 pencils

... Colombia.......

alex razzaghi's picture
alex razzaghi
243 pencils

For me the tornado works the best.
I can work out the story much easier on this one

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Kill them ad
31 pencils

Captain Mazda first is COLOMBIA (is a country of south america), no COLUMBIA (a county of new york EEUU) and the name of this site is Ads of the world and so and so the graph is better when using a symbol known worldwide...

please please think before you speak, it's so easy to destroy ...
I would love to see a piece yours

Captain Mazda's picture
Captain Mazda
116 pencils

Calm down, it was a typo.

MattValenzuela's picture
214 pencils

good work!

fangoleon's picture
8301 pencils

Really love the art direction, but I'm a little lost about the clock role on the prints.
Not sure if I get why it's there…

erectus's picture
5328 pencils

everthing okey for me. New trend, good ad.

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