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March 2009

Print advertisment created by Y&R, Peru for Banco Financiero, within the category: Finance.

Whatever happens you'll earn 8.5%

Advertising Agency: Y&R Lima, Peru
Regional Creative Director: Guillermo Vega
Creative Director: Paco Torrico
Copywriter: Cesar Godenzi, Jorge Soto
Art Directors: O. Takahashi, Christopher Graham, Mihail Aleksandrov
Planner: Eduardo Grisolle
Account Executive: Marco Barrantes
Agency Executive Producer: Patricia de la Cuba
Retoucher: Raúl Pardo

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mckeephoto's picture
Activity Score 83

Great art work!

shekhar zinge's picture
shekhar zinge
Activity Score 149

who is going to get it when all people die

lucaszaiden's picture
Activity Score 93

That`s why he said “whatever happens“, you asshole...

I`m so sad of litteral people like you...


shekhar zinge's picture
shekhar zinge
Activity Score 149

i got it you are from the same team who has done this ad

tell me if all the peoples in the family die than who is going to get it

Sazarret's picture
Activity Score 130

Are you really saying you believe that an alien invasion force is going to come and destroy civilization as we know along with the bank's client family?
Dude, are you sure you are an advertiser? Cus you sound more like a medium ranked executive of that bank.

This is an exaggeration of the idea and I think they made a good point with it, it's a convincing ad.

PS. By the way no, I don't work in that agency nor live in Peru for that matter.

mark3r's picture
Activity Score 1949

Nice. Good art.

Javier Ramírez's picture
Javier Ramírez
Activity Score 1243

bien Perú...!

Chief Creative Director Nexus BBDO

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Activity Score 364

Me gusto!, habria que ver si no es una sobrepromesa el tema de 8.5% pase lo que pase. El arte esta lindo, tiene un par de arañas en la parte inferior izquierda q se podrian haber trabajado un pelin mas con el tema de la luz, pero eso es encontrarle la quinta pata al gato, me gusto mucho!

Jonathan Betancur

kergu's picture
Activity Score 6795

Esto ya se hizo! si no me equivoco para un material de construcción.
Sin embargo cabe rescatar el trabajo de arte, muy muy bueno.


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Alubia's picture
Activity Score 54

El arte es pobre y la idea es muy común. Venga Perú, échenle ganas!

eldeadevis's picture
Activity Score 306

Very basic idea, taken as far as the budget might have been.

shrek12's picture
Activity Score 206

There's something fishy here, with all the amazing retouching, why is the perspective on the billboard so badly wrong. Funny, everything else is perfect, maybe the art director just slapped the sign on in photoshop after he recieved the illustration.

Jaap Grolleman's picture
Jaap Grolleman
Activity Score 6992

I'm loving it!

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Activity Score 47

me likey sci-fi
i like the art here...NICE

Blair Semenoff's picture
Blair Semenoff
Activity Score 651

it's alright

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Activity Score 3954

Banco Financiero now open in BEIRUT

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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Soto hazme un hijo!

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Activity Score 17

I like the concept, although didn't fit the current situation.

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Activity Score 16

good jobs man

Guest's picture

good work.
not realy what would call "an idea"

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Pésima dirección de arte (todas las imágenes sacadas de google). Nada está integrado. Los que dijeron que es gran dirección de arte, me imagino que son redactores.

Horrible art direction (all the images stoled from google). Those who said that it is a great work, Im sure are copywriters.

Guest's picture

Is this Beirut :))))