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134 pencils

id rather pay cash....keep the change, im in a hurry!

teenie's picture
1894 pencils

What? It's fast so you made objects blurry? I must be missing something. You can't tell me an agency like McCann-Erickson made an add out of this awful, predictable cliché. I'll even offer early apologies in case someone can explain the gaping hole that I must be missing.

fersvax's picture
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No, you can cry, it's just that.


liar's picture
384 pencils

LOL...I was wondering the same.

picturejockey's picture
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Speed Banana. Just imagine what will happen to the person who steps on it's peal


kaceres's picture
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fast healty food by master card
comida rápida saludable por master card


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Dick Huges
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If you have a speed banana, girls will like you better.

elmikel's picture
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a banana? well, not a typical product to pay by a creditcard...

skullforce's picture
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i'm as stupefied as everyone else. very disappointing work for McCann.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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I thought they were trying so hard to raise the "creative bar" at McCann.

This is a major step backwards. I really think Joyce K Thomas is just all talk...

Nothing more from me on this one.

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gosh. no more bonus points. it's time for banana points! lol

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Actually those are fake ads made by McCann NY rivals, who sent them to Ivan.
That's the only reasonable explanation.

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You pay bananas, you get monkeys.

Need a copywriter? Call me.

1. emotion + insight + debunking category = Ad

2. Fresh strategy + vivid execution = Award

3. Idea + Co-opting culture = Brand Momentum

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