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Ney Frances
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AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA i hope she falls! bad hiperbole, bad layout, and first idea! congrats for the vintage photo thou!

is there life before death?

A. J. SMITH's picture
Activity Score 2824

I can't really disagree with you more, it is a good message, great layout, and a good simple idea.

Fun and fresh.

actually I could disagree more because it appears we both like the vintage feel to it. Thjough it is irrelevant to the message.


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| everartz |

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Dick Huges
Activity Score 937

What??? What??? By eating this product she got so light that now she can fly???? Congratulations!!!!!! You are the #456 creative team that do an ad with this idea!!! You deserve 6 internets!!! Nice!!! Go celebrate!!! Show the ad and kiss the recepcionist she will like it.

drizae's picture
Activity Score 503

Is that what it is? I thought he just got stronger.

Fail Harder.

A. J. SMITH's picture
Activity Score 2824

That is it you are right. Although it could be both.

It appears unlike you and I, Dick Huges speaks first, uses his brain later.

Dick Huges's picture
Dick Huges
Activity Score 937

I am sorry she-male but you are wrong. This product is about making you loose weight, not gaining power. And if you pay attention to the pack you see a slim girl on it, not a strong guy. Unfortunely you are wrong. Next time just pay attention before giving your opinion.

A. J. SMITH's picture
Activity Score 2824

I take you point, but look again... seems to me it could be both, yes by having an abstract shape of a thin figure on the pack, it suggests its about losing weight, however, the word 'fitness' to me implies 'strength' more than weightloss (my thinking is that you can be thin and unfit, but not fit and weak)

Maybe we're both right?

juankhr's picture
Activity Score 136

WTF??? not even the photo bad retouching work, poor 1st idea, bad art direction

Fatto's picture
Activity Score 102

i like the photo!

I like the pack on the parquette!

but the idea is a revival!

JPWrites's picture
Activity Score 238

I like this, it's light-hearted and fun, but communicates the product benefit well.

Rusio's picture
Activity Score 326

done too many times. thumbs down.

addyhoch10's picture
Activity Score 2592

i don't really get why this has to take place in this retro scenery.
it makes the product look dusty

mariayya's picture
Activity Score 150

yep me neither. confusing. and the idea is not direct enough to allow this distractions

ramen's picture
Activity Score 60

why's the product on the dance floor in the first place? i don't take my food with me on a date... unless the guy was being a cheap date ("no, don't order dinner, honey, i've brought us some of my mother's special recipe - just see if you can steal some milk from the couple next to us"), and so the girl's shimmied up the drapes to get away from him (don't blame her!), which then explains his strange romeo-like pose. only question then is : why call the product 'fitness'? hmmm.... perhaps it needs to be rebranded...

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Activity Score 273

heh. you don't really believe in pausing for a breath, eh?

ramen's picture
Activity Score 60

what, and let creative inspiration pass me by? :-)

addyong's picture
Activity Score 155


shaft_drive's picture
Activity Score 273

Hmmmm... actually i quite like that wooden dance floor. everything else is pretty bad. Tell me, creative team, do you actually take a hard-nosed bunch of suits like Nestle through this creative and do they actually give you their whole-hearted approval? Or is it underground stuff? the lame-brain compositing seems to suggest the latter. Yet another arguement for scam work actually slowing down the progress of creative advertising.

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shamlesswork Maccan

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