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axelk's picture
Activity Score 286

pretty good but i've seen things made of mouses before

Rachel.Mann's picture
Activity Score 450

Should've used a more innovative piece of hardware. I think that mouse comes stock with the work laptops we get. It's a piece. lol.

Wordnerd's picture
Activity Score 6692

Damn thats boring

Santiago L.'s picture
Santiago L.

Alguien usa hardware de Microsoft???

thirty6chambers's picture
Activity Score 1464

hey a thing made to look like another thing! how original....

ps - it's also forced

raverus's picture
Activity Score 1476

wow this is done in 2007!!! lol

WilhelmR's picture
Activity Score 86

One of the best mouse models around :D

salamandos's picture
Activity Score 1947

sorry, not nice

Juan Pablo De Gamboa's picture
Juan Pablo De Gamboa
Activity Score 165

3 creative directors and a worldwide network to do this??? come on!!!!

ilovegreatads's picture
Activity Score 312

ha, they all thought they're on to a winner and made sure they're on the bus. what about the kid who actually thought of it?

Guest commenter's picture
Guest commenter

no deberían subir eso a la red

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