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Chris's picture
Activity Score 1985

Whats that red thing poking out of the balloon man?

jennywhx's picture
Activity Score 1142

by the way, the ballon has 2 leg (purple), and 2 hand (red), and what is the other one? :P
belt? and the face of ballon look so much evil :P
haha. the idea of whole set is simple yet cool, but as for the execution, i like the monster and the fly one most.

jennywhx's picture
Activity Score 1142

haha, chris, we observed the same thing..OMG

Oren's picture
Activity Score 91

Damn.. What the hell were they thinking printing this ad ..
That's bad man .. Bad.

jkschlitz's picture
Activity Score 48

It's a tail. Maybe it's supposed to be a monkey?

slim's picture
Activity Score 1047

looks like his dong.
nice capture. nice campaign.

ellehcimeo's picture
Activity Score 3516

That's one heck of a balloon dong! that's all I see! would have been better without the dong.

addyhoch10's picture
Activity Score 2592

they even gave him balls. humm... three balls.
looks scary with his tremendous dick pointing at his face. thank goodness the little girl can fly

Ogbodo's picture
Activity Score 14

LOL! I love the way ad people are able to give new meanings to ads. This is the funniest comment I've read today

addyhoch10's picture
Activity Score 2592

a new meaning? oh, maybe i just got it wrong then.
ad people are not funny. in general they are highly depressed, concealing it by beeing sniffy and arrogant.
yours sniffy

kedar's picture
Activity Score 26

yep.. the girl just flew off seeing that damn reddy red dick of the balloony guy. poor ad.

kandi's picture
Activity Score 204

it's called Cadbury's Alta PERK – go figure.

Guest's picture

I agree with you Jenny, the fly and balloon are the best, that's role reversal at it's basic. All the others seem a bit forced especially this 1. Monster 1 just killed me...

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