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still don't get it ??
does it meen that, with this car you get anywhere !!

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It means this: "All the land for all the family". some times when your you go to a park or you are going to take a picnic with your family, in the return, especially your children, forget a toy in the place where they were. The general photography suggests that you can go where you want with your family using this Volvo.

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i dont know about the rest of you guys, but I really want to send that 3 irresponsable families go back to the places and TAKE ALL SHIT THEY LEFT BEHIND!
sorry, but just the sugestion: "people with Volvo will make contribuitions to the polution of the world" is too much risk to be used.

remember me one "lesson": no matter what, never, never try to sell a airplane company saying their airplanes dont fall.

on the actual days, anything that make (or sugest) polution will be not well accept...
am I wrong?

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I see where your coming from but I don't think the whole 'green issue' is the biggest problem with these adverts. There is certain times when people will understand - its just an advert.

I think the main problem with these adverts is the way their trying to get their point across. Rubber Duck in a river - what did they take a bath in there? Beach Ball in a lake - could have been put there by anyone, lots of people have them. Teddy Bear - situated in not exactly what I would have thought was a family enviroment. Robot one is slightly better but I think these adverts are poor at best.

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Tero Ylitalo
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Also, why would you take your family to such a horrible beach? First or second thought ad.

"Pastes like shit."

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