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so this is an ad for a engine? an engine never used in a bike before? pretty strange but the ad is good

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the brand your'e talking about gotta be new, i know a brand similar but it's HARLEY DAVIDSON it's the same? and u write it 2 times.

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Dalbir Singh
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Nice art but...

Why a bike and not a 4X4? I thought bikes are quite fuel efficient. Why use the same visual thrice. The creatives could have been more imagintaive and used other examples, a plane for instance.


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the tvc has already released in india and it is a damn neat campaign...aside from the fact that the ad is made really well
this is the teaser TVC. i didnt manage to locate the full ad

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The imagery is good and 'different'... But, the concept looks contrived...

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For me, THIS is an ad... i love it. Impecable art direction, thought behind the idea, good copy... someday there will be an award for it.
Kudos O&M India!

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De Qasim
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Very Strong Idea very nice graphics.....Nice Campgain Well done boyes

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The bike which got this engine is already a leader in its segment.
A creative strategist at work

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