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love the illustration and the colors. But the concept, so so. How can a diving course improve your breath?

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Ron Burgundy
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hey guys congrats on getting up here, but there is conflicts everywhere

he doesnt look like he's enjoying it (see copy...even if it reads both ways...still seems like there is some conflict here)

is this a skin diving course?
if so, how do I know thats why he is able to hold his breath?

only guys scuba dive? (see cartoony enlarged breast)

if the target is the guy, why the hell would i want to be a dude who needs a sandvich or nine.

if i covered up the logo, would I still understand what you were selling.....please hold.....ok, i showed it to someone.... she thought it was an ad for bean-o cuz the bubbles around the girls bum, and his facial expression.

the girl looks like she has a lazy eye.

and why is there no life guard on duty.

clean illustration

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jaja, Dude, I think theres a conflict in the way YOU are looking at it. Too many unnecesary questions, and too many "buts".
IMO: Ads nice, fresh, great illustration, not really a strong selling proposition, but nice nonetheless.


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There is absolutely no conflict in the way he is looking at it. He is right on the money. This ad makes zero sense. Brazilian advertising is oftentimes all sizzle, no substance. This is a good example.

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Ron Burgundy
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man, I admit, i needed some coffee the morning i wrote this, but this is absolutely nothing compared to the ass whoopin i've gotten from some CD's looking to tear a jr. a new one cuz they can....the industry is 2% yes 98% other

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I beg to differ. I don't think it's a great ad but I see where they're coming from.

The target is the guy. His head is in between her legs, so by right he should 'enjoy' the moment, which he isn't now because he's having a hard time holding his breath.

With the diving course, he would be able to hold his breath longer and hence, fully 'enjoy' moments like this.




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so, because it's from brazil, that''s the idea do you think should be. Wow, you have a lot of culture to share.

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the guy looks like harry potter's friend

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is he really enjoying? on the other hand the illustration seems very childish

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I rather turn my head other way around to enjoy it! :)

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dean viii
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student work, 1st qtr.

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Tommy G.
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She looks terribly heavy

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This man is suicide.....


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