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Disco Munky
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I quite like these, but more because I wish this was what people got for kicking a dog. Frickin' douche bags.


Doin' it for the points

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Not just any dog. But a tiny little dog that was made to jump trying to get a piece of Milk-Bone!!

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I don´t think it´s bad

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harrison bruce
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If I was administering the punishment for cruelty these folks would look even worse than they do.

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the only thing im getting out of this is that ugly people like to beat dogs.

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This is a bit too close to an ad for battered women. I think we in advertising should be careful to not diminish the impact of social ads. Pictures of battered women create an awareness about battered women. They shouldn't create an awareness about battered dogs (no matter how cruel that is), desensitizing us slowly in the process.

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Battered women and battered dogs... How about battered men? Women can batter dogs as well as men do...

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kind of liked this one, if only because I thought this was gonna be another "don't abuse women" ad.
but the line is terribly nelson muntz.

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sorry, but these are not smart ads. the line, what goes around comes around, refers to karma. but beaten dogs don't just attack the people who attacked or beat them (which, by definition, would be karma). they'll attack anyone once they're driven into a frenzy. they're not logical creatures. so there's a huge gap in logic. you really have to make a leap of faith to connect the dots.

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Alistair C.
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i have to agree with teenie, i would have rather liked to see someone with a shredded leg or something like this.

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bravo por el maquillaje , hurra for the make-up.

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