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January 2008

Print advertisment created by Tonic, United Arab Emirates for BAFCO, within the category: Office Equipment.

This is Rania. She hates her car. She hates having to pay for two tickets. She hates sharing elevators. She hates trying on new clothes. She hates girls that look like this. And she hates this being the only romance in her life. The only satisfaction Rania ever gets is at work where she can move freely through her spacious open-plan office environment and really express her full personality.

Advertising Agency: Tonic Communications, Dubai, UAE
Creative Director / Copywriter: Vincent Raffray
Art Director / Photographer: Peter Walker

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Angie-chan's picture
Activity Score 61

nyaaa see it offensive...

joestamp's picture
Activity Score 130

fucking hell bit full on mate!
some people may feel offended by this? not a thought through idea??
although i do feel a bit sorry for 'rania' poor girl!

Stigset's picture
Activity Score 1454

This is sooooo bad taste, but I happen to like bad taste for the purpouse of black humour, so I guess it works for me (as an ad person) ...
And I kinda like the story telling here as well.
I'm pretty impressed by the client who approved these ads. (if he did)

panasit's picture
Activity Score 687

Worst ad I have ever seen in my life.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

Bibhuti's picture
Activity Score 30

This is definitely offending to many but I agree with Stigset that story telling is interesting.


Senhora Kolossa's picture
Senhora Kolossa
Activity Score 483

wtf! I'm too angry, to write "seems to be a students work." I once knew a fat girl. We called her "cheval" or something. she seemed to be a student. anyway, offending fat people is wtf. stop doing that.

adaddiction's picture
Activity Score 38

Look guys, you have to think that what it might be considered "offending" in the US for example, can be acceptable in other countries. I am from latin america and I think we can talk more openly about being overweight or not, without being afraid all the time about what is politically correct. I am not saying that this is right or wrong, what I am saying is that the definition of "offensive" may vary depending on the country or region. I don't see here that they are making fun of the girl but describing the problems she has to face.

That being said, I don't think this is a good ad. It's just a mere description of a strategy without finding a creative way to deliver the message.

Ravages's picture
Activity Score 842

Um, offensive or not, it is much too linear and simplistic.

mikelite's picture
Activity Score 1031

it's offensive and boring. which is worse?

gmint7's picture
Activity Score 2683


funny tho,
yeas, offensive!!


gmint7's picture
Activity Score 2683

he must be the creator...

i hope his boss wont see this page... : P


Totto's picture
Activity Score 685

Have a heart for Raina.Or try and get an award.
Aha AWARD!!!

Intelligent ads are the need of the hour.

Totto's picture
Activity Score 685

ALL ABOUT DINESH-you know not.
Lemme bief.Dinesh is malayalee.FRom Kerala state in India.He belongs to a middle class family.Left home to join his relatives and make money.Dinesh is workaholic.His bad taste reflects to his ordinary bringing up.Dinesh is not dumb,he is perspicacious.If you think Dinesh is a clown,you should move away with your sorry rear side because you wouldn't know when Dinesh would kick it.

There are millions of Dinesh,mahesh,byju,shyju.liju,Babu,sabu,etc..In the Gulf and all over the world.All from KERALA.

Intelligent ads are the need of the hour.

jimkuz's picture
Activity Score 412

I really like this whole series. Interesting. Thought provoking -
good furniture can really benefit people.

MoveOn's picture
Activity Score 63

You lost me on Rania's pic. Interesting route, however please note that this will not make BAFCO furniture particularly appealing to me.

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Activity Score 1113

Well done you got me to read it. Now get me to buy the furniture.