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i don't liked...

:: Bilal ::


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the copy is quite amateurish.. doesnt look like they spent too much time on the copy... maybe it would have looked better with just the visual and probably one or two lines of copy at best... but then again i'm new here!! :D

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violent and not true


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You know what your problem is people? You just wanna criticize for the sake of criticizing. No real reason behind your comments but the fact of the matter is that this is actually a great campaign. It has involved the brand in a story, delivered on its communication objective, which is clear-Make way for a new, ergonomically designed chair and it's been executed in a clever way. Having spent most my ad career in Canada and now Dubai, I can say that this ad would definitely hold up in both countries. Good Job guys. Cleverly done and beautifully executed.

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Nice campaign, speaks well to the guy sitting in that uncomfy peice of &*&^&% his work provided.

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