January 2008
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This is Anas. This is what he eats. What he drinks. What he reads. His casual wear. And his idol. He sports a yellow one. Yet the only thing that makes Anas feel like a real man is when he’s at work where he can sit in his stylish executive chair behind his big strong executive desk and naturally evoke a sense of power.

Advertising Agency: Tonic Communications, Dubai, UAE
Creative Director / Copywriter: Vincent Raffray
Art Director / Photographer: Peter Walker

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ALL ABOUT DINESH-you know not.
Lemme bief.Dinesh is malayalee.FRom Kerala state in India.He belongs to a middle class family.Left home to join his relatives and make money.Dinesh is workaholic.His bad taste reflects to his ordinary bringing up.Dinesh is not dumb,he is perspicacious.If you think Dinesh is a clown,you should move away with your sorry rear side because you wouldn't know when Dinesh would kick it.

There are millions of Dinesh,mahesh,byju,shyju.liju,Babu,sabu,etc..In the Gulf and all over the world.All from KERALA.

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