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Wonderful campaign. Fits perfectly and makes sense, especially if you take the product name into serious account.

Who turned the world upside down?

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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It took some time before I got it, but is it that all the other breakfastes seem really slow compared to theese pankakes ?
The other ones are easier to get (actually I only understood this one by looking at the others).
Nice concept and I like the art direction very much;

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Beautiful idea - but I don't really get the line.

Edit: Never mind - I get it now after I saw the others. i thought Mr. Bacon was scared, not slow.

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In my opinion caterpillars don't fall into the classic slow creature category thus making this a difficult read... The snail signals this more clearly, other options would be: Tortoise, sloth :)

my 2 cents.

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This campaign also simply SUCKS!!!

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it's like..... nothing. just nothing.

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Pleasant campaign. Don't mind all the haters. This one took longer than I liked, but it's still fun. LTO's suggestions aren't bad.

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No real clarity and too forced. You do get it eventually but could probably cook a full English breakfast by the time you did! Simple things like curling the sausage up to create the shell rather using a real shell would have been cleaner.The egg with the walking frame simply doesn't work as it differs too much from the other two visuals and feels too forced. However I do quite like the thought that the pancake stuff in a tin is quicker than traditional breakfasts but there are so may ways you could go with it and this feels like a first thought. 4/10 see me after class!

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It's the same idea as Heinz Ketchup ad with fries acting like caterpillars. Though that was executed better.

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Nice idea

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I don't get this at all.

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