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Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Who uses a BULLDOG as a guard dog anyway? No wonder this little guy isn't getting any business. Concept is just okay...art direction is nice, though I liked earlier ad that Ivan posted a lot better.

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I disagree about the art direction, it looks more like a public library than a shrink's office. Plus, the perspective of the foot, the chair and the floor is not quite accurate. It sucks.


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you are right about the bulldogs not being guard dogs
the concept may be fun, bad execution :(

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A lot of security companies use bulldogs in their identity. English or French bulldogs are usually the image but American bulldogs are actually great watchdogs, they are similar looking to pitbulls.

Having said that, this ad is still pretty bad. I agree with above, the art direction and set is bad and so is the Photoshop work. Even if they were great, the concept is pretty weak.

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this looks good you dumb fuks

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