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The line clarifies, however I at first thought that it was maybe a diet thing. Removing butt-enlarging chocolates from your life...thought maybe they were low-fat chocolates or chocolate flavored diet supplements...maybe it's just me.

The other two leave nothing to be misinterpreted.

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Placing brown, cylindrical things near the butt isn't exactly my idea of good taste (in both sense of the word).

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... i hope there is no male Ad's.

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Ya all right. And the picture is not even close to the paradise feeling. The fifty's look, the gray sky and this blond western model is just not paradise. Not a bit.

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Cerebrum Conexus
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Simple idea but really difficult execution.

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it's brown, it's taken out of her ass.

they are seriously saying bounty is shit.

the ad is, too.

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I see sex sells...even where it doesn't belong...

It's Possible If You Say So.

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