Baby Beef Steak House: Lioness

Free your inner carnivore.

Advertising Agency: Ideia3, Brazil
Creative Director: Chico Salles
Art Director: André Lopes
Copywriter: Rodrigo Córes
Illustrators: Antonio Leolino, André Lopes, Jan Hlavnicka
Account manager: Mayara Rezende

February 2013


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ouch..well done zarski!

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Completely different idea Zarski. COmpletely different. Absolutely 100% different.

There is a difference between same art solution and same idea!

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Dear friend, is the same idea, just different product there, so it s obviously that deserves a different execution/art. "Free your inner...., whatever it is.... SAME IDEA.

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Respectfully mate, I disagree. 'free' your inner is COMPLETELY different to 'release' your inner.

Anyway, these ads don't work at all for reasons ive cited below.

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I really don't think this is a good idea - done before or not.

Release your inner carnivore? What the hell is that supposed to mean?

Assuming we have an inner carnivore, most of us eat meat.

This of us who don't eat meat have made a conscious choice to do so.

There is nothing holding us back from being meat eaters if that's what we want, therefore no "releasing" needs to be done.

Which makes this an incredibly ineffective idea.

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I think the line is weak. I GET what they're saying and I don't think its a bad idea but I think its a bad execution. The animals don't look like they have a ferocious appetite for something. They look like they're trapped. It looks kinda like an ad for an animal organization like PETA.

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I totally agree and disagree with Bate_Palmas.

I agree on the fact that we're not veggies ; so why would we have to free our inner carnivore ? The approach is a bit strange.

I disagree on the "not the same idea, Zarski". Ok, it does not exactly say the same thing, but what you call the "art solution", Bate_Palmas (in this case, a cage shaped like the human body), is the idea of both campaigns, whatever it finally says. Neither "You're the key" nor "Free your inner carnivore" can be considered as a concept line. The two sentences just make it clear at the end, that's all. The creative idea is the visual.

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errr, its a tricky one I guess. In my opinion, any art director could easily have landed on the same visual idea.

But it's the approach that makes it different or the same, in my opinion.

One is talking about inherent potential (release). The other is talking about freeing yourself from shackles.

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The concept is not fully working for me.

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done before

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