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Siddarth Basavaraj
1673 pencils

like it

Love creating ads..'s picture
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Good campaign. But I personally don't like the first one.

Eugens's picture
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tastes like frogs

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Nike Diesel
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2630 pencils

frogs. they're green. I'm "the usual consumer". I'm in a hurry. I browse over the ads fast. The lolly is some sort of a frog, I'm not gonna buy it.

SoCH_TO's picture
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Very nice campaign !!! That remind me of my Childhood !!

Live with Passion

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Are you kidding! I am a lolly pop!

michele123's picture
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is the taste so "ugly" ?

WireDino's picture
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Am I the only one thinking, 'wtf" when i see this campaign? Nice art, though.

feysal's picture
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no your not but i agree the art direction is really good

groovy baby!

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