Danbreezy's picture
57 pencils

stacked type, tough to look at.

Nike Diesel's picture
Nike Diesel
13385 pencils

Terrible work by the AD.


I see you gave them two stars. One of them is from me.

MK-tessa's picture
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My thoughts exactly. Yikes.

ambareesha's picture
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no problem. clear communication. simple, still works. i'm giving 5*s

- @mbi

Hahalexander's picture
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this is ugly but the idea is not bad

unnchal's picture
10 pencils

nice idea !

purshotham's picture
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Good idea.. its tough to read also..

Glut's picture
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this could be sell in a better way

CuriousPencil's picture
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Knocking-copy is the laziest route to this precise type of diarrhoea in advertising. Hinging a campaign on a truism with no CTA is a risky shot - of course big things are hard to swallow, you don't need an elephaaaahh you did need an elephant to tell people that. Oooookay then, if you're going to show an elephant, and THEN hide your claim under 'looks mini, does plenty', know what?

Doesn't look mini. Looks like a fucking elephant.

salil07's picture
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you just shred this ad to, well, shreds. I agree they did not need to show the elephant. But the idea is in the way the copy is placed - to indicate that it takes time to swallow big pills. And the CTA here is again a bit wayward. But it's not a bad ad and certainly not diarrhea. In pharma, I guess this works where your competition is another bunch of pills which are much larger than yours and so the important point to remember is the consumer, who is a doctor, will remember the elephant and the brand promise of looks mini does plenty. That's what my guess is.

Hand on my heart

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nice idea, weak typo.

second_creator's picture
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cnt swallow too


ace85le's picture
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I think they were stuck too.



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