Ayakkabı Dünyası: Love Potion, 3

Love Potion
More fashion

Photographer:Bahadır Tanrıöver

Advertising Agency: Öykü-Dialogue International, Istanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Özer Özbey
Art Director: Deniz Ardıç
Copywriter: Emine Aydın

September 2010


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Jaap Grolleman
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I think something is lost in the translation or this is really a weird campaign. Lovely visual, but lack of communication.

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I don't know any colloquial Turkish whatsoever, so maybe I'm wrong.. but the label on the bottle says love potion and then the writing on the lower right hand side says "Ayakkabu World. Beyond/More than veal fashion." So I'm also pretty weirded out!
Although I do agree, the visuals of this campaign are very nice!

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Cinderella waiting for here shoe

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