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Mick Fly
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Great idea!

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Roger Keynes
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Feels done. Anyone?

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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Activity Score 13561

plop plop fizz fizz

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Haven't seen it before. Very nice.

Troll's picture
Activity Score 672

Does 'feel' done but can't think of an example.
If not, this is great.

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Activity Score 113

definitely feels done.


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Ron Burgundy
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Ramat Ajala
Activity Score 788

Wow campaign.

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Activity Score 953

Will work only for those familiar with Alka-Seltzer Ads, I guess :-)

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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Activity Score 998

great ad! well done. don't know if two plates is a recognition thing, but one would've worked better -> one less headache.

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Activity Score 30

plates are alive :)

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Activity Score 615

it looks familiar because it's ripped off the Alka-Seltzer ad, come on guys...

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An ad for ad people who hate washing dishes?

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Bill Me Now
Activity Score 180

Works for me! Nice repurposing of the existing Alka-Seltzer concept/layout. I don't feel like it's a straight rip off. This has new meaning. If anything, alka-seltzer should send them a thank you letter for bringing their product back out of everyones' subconscious. Very different that a direct rip of, for example if a generic alka-selttzer manufacturer made the same ad layout with their product in place and read "plop, fizz, plop, fizz"

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Activity Score 13561

It is actually a rip off. In advertising, we associate the image of two dissolving tablets with Alka Seltzer, and here the plates resemble tablets. Of course, most consumers wouldn't know this.

The "repurposing" argument you are making could also be made for this other ad (see link below), for Goundrey Wine Australia. A "nice repurposing" of the classic Marlboro Man image? Yeah riiight.

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Activity Score 672

If this idea has been done before then put a link up or scan in an image (if it's old enough to be in some annual somewhere).
It's taking a familiar visual (Alka Seltzer tablets dissolving) and showing that this product alleviates headaches in another manner.
Right now this ad is a parody. A nice one at that.

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Bill Me Now
Activity Score 180

I think most consumers would get the dissolving tablet association. If the majority wouldn't, why make the ad? It wouldn't make sense to anyone.

I took a look at your example. I agree that the mock Marlboro wine ad is a complete rip off. Subbing out a tobacco product for an alcohol product may as well be subbing out Marlboro for Camel. Tobacco and alcohol both serve as relaxants.

In this ad, dinner plates to not have a similar function to alka-setzler. This ad evolved an old classic into something a little more clever. I'd still stand by my original comment.

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Activity Score 3937

clever, simple!

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Activity Score 446

Very clever! Very nice! Congrats!

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Activity Score 251


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Activity Score 470

Excellent. Although one less headache from washing dishes is a washing nachine.

Life's a Trip. Enjoy the Ride!

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Activity Score 285

excellent point. Even more important than figuring out if it' been done or not.

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Activity Score 1264

I like it! It's simple, fun and gets the message across in a novel way for the category. Kudos.

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Tomasz Dziedzic
Activity Score 127

Nice and clever. Good job!

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Activity Score 133

love this! Great and smart visual!

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Activity Score 3

simple and clear! Good

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Toll Fuhrer
Activity Score 29

Great! Clever! and Smart!
Never seen the analogy of Alka-Seltzer before in any other product communication.
Will it sell Axion or Alka-Seltzer is debatable.
But liked it :)

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Activity Score 6

Clever insight. Well done!

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Activity Score 15

people in the industry (myself included) seem to have developed a certain "looks-done-to-me" paranoia. even if done, this one just made me smile.

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Activity Score 688

great idea... smells like it was done somewhere sometime somehow...

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Paolo Buatti
Activity Score 896

Simply brilliant.

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Activity Score 90

Muy bueno. Sencillo, claro y bonito.

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Activity Score 140

It is a vintage advertising. It would be a great idea in the nineties.

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Activity Score 185

Excellent, congratulations guys!

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Activity Score 1108

Yep very good shot soony ;-)

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Prasad Weerasekara
Activity Score 651

Brilliant ....

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Activity Score 72

Nah, done!

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Activity Score 6017

agree with Alka Seltzer like atb said..


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Mick Fly
Activity Score 149

Great idea!


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