Axe: Snow angel car

Be prepared this festive season.

The brief was to make sure young guys didn't leave the house without their portable Lynx Bullet, because you never know when romance might strike.

Creative Director:Dominic Goldman

Advertising Agency: BBH, London, UK
Art Director: Adam Thompson
Copywriter: Dan Glover-James
Photographer: Julian Wolkenstein
Agency producer: Jeremy Gleeson

November 2009


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Jaap Grolleman
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in Axe style, very good ;-) and funny

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Haha, I like these, but they're all shot at night, in dark places. If I didn't know this was axe, I might think it was an ad for pepperspray.

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Honest Dave
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I agree, they all look like rape ads.

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Image isn´t very clear, but idea is very good.

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I think it would be a little awkward if they weren't at night. Implying sexual relations on the street in broad daylight would be a little weird. So I can see where the at night part came from.

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get it


ya nice

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So Honest Dave, in spite of there being no signs of struggle in the snow, you still think it looks like rape? Lighten up, they're funny.

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more like.. anytime.. anywhere.. hehehehe

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freakart's picture
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why there is only one pair of footsteps? girl or dude has wings?


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hey, see it on better zoom, there are footprint on left and right side of car


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So? Whats the product? Pepper spray or axe?

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looks like the polo ambient ads

Lastlab's picture
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What's new in this idea?i saw it a lot of time...for a lot of product!

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Real spiritual.

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