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1031 pencils

try a little harder next time kids

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987 pencils

great insight. Do you know what .this is in Flash?
Its a very confusing parameter for begginers.

actually .this is GREAT.

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why is everyone...
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i understand it. and last night i boned your moms.

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Corona Raymaker
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And I got it on cam!

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It's good student work, but it's not your idea. This is another execution of someone else's award winning work. It's probably worth keeping though...

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as a student, you need to show original thinking. you haven't. you've taken axe's existing campaign and combined it with a cliche IT recruitment campaign. start over from scratch with a product that doesn't already have good advertising.

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shouldnt this be under exhibition under forums? or is it okay cause its miami ad school?

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its sort of weird i know. But as you can see, they produce their ads really well. full art direction, craft, copy, etc. to an extent it looks finished. Take a look at the forum, comic sans is still being used.

Im curious, do the students do the entire craft and design of their ads, even when they submit it to the awards?

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Idea machine
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not really though many think that I poor idea can be over come by a good execution, to me it wouldnt matter if the idea was drawn on the back of a napkin if it was an excellent idea. I read someone once saying that creatives create ideas the the mac boys polish them or a metaphorical way would be to say why do the washing up if you had a maid

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Here, here.

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just funny

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ah and btw the grammar is all messed up XD

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i understand this signs and i have girlfriend...
we are in 2007, guys!
where is the idea??

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done. but with HTML


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Por suerte no la entiendo.

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