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Have Heart
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Better than the other one, still not good.

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Is that how you speak to your interns?

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I don't think there's any relevance to the product, you're record isn't going to sound better if its played with four needles (quite on the contrary actually, it'll sound like chaos, is that what the 4 wheel drive will be, chaos?)

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I'm sorry too.

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How can a country where Da Vinci and Galileo born produces so many crap?

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Ney Frances
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Enjoy the track? transposed to music?????? ahhh c´mon guys, easy jokes are student work!

is there life before death?

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i don't condone the use of borrowed interest, this is one of the poorest attempts at it that i've seen in a long time. it's wrong on so many levels. Stigset is totally correct in saying a four needle turn table would sound like chaos and not be enjoyable at all. so if this car is like that then the ride will be chaos. what the "h" does a car have to do with a record player? nothing. nothing at all.

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Maybe the creative was a DJ..

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hang him then.

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Another People
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The visual metaphor doesn't work. The arm of the record player can still "jump" if there is a jolt. Also, 4-wheel drive is a concept of "4 corners" not four "in a row". Compare with an Audi Quattro ad showing 4 large stones on the 4 corners of a blanket on a beach.

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I think that the photo and the still are wonderfull.....

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