Aware Helpline: Verbal abuse, 3

Verbal abuse can be just as horrific.

Advertising Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Singapore
Executive Creative Director: Andy Greenaway
Creative Directors: Andrew Petch
Art Directors: Ronojoy Ghosh, Ng Pei Pei
Production Manager: Terry Ong
Account Executives: Sandra Teh, Anuja Weeranarayana
Copywriters: Andrew Petch
Photographer: Teo Studios
Retoucher: Kendrick Wong
Art Buyer: Adrel Law


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Great campaign!


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simple and effective. good job guys. well done!

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Man this would be a REALLY REALLY nice Listerine ad!!


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Ha ha ha.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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i don't know why, but these make me laugh every time i see them. look at that lady's pose?!

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R. Rinaldi
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Very singaporean.

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I really like these, incidentally I had a brief recently with the exact same prop and am quiet jealous of these and mine included a TV aspect which would have really made this idea I reckon.

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I never liked weird executions to convey a message.

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I don't like when the copy simply explains the visual. I think it's supposed to add something.

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Disco Munky
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I totally agree. The line should always add to a piece not simply repeat.


if you're going to quote a movie, don't then say the movie ;)


Doin' it for the points

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Why not? It's good to say that, 'cos I don't wanna be a quote-thief.

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you know the whole quote thing I don't really get, I'm reading away then I start reading your quote and I'm thinking, 'what the fuck is he on about???' then it's oh it's just a meaningless movie quote. In saying that it took me ages to figure out what LOL meant, maybe I'm getting old. (little sad face thingie would go here if I knew how)

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The quote is a motto on the side of a hearse. It's a funny ad. Very clever.

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Disco Munky
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I totally got the movie quote, it's just when you verbally recite a quote and then straight after say "the crying game" or whatever, it just is a I applied that to the aforementioned written quote.

Sorry, you know what I mean tho, and I'm seriously not trying to be a cock. Honest.

Now how about we blow this spot.

"This ad is dead anyways." (Swingers...sort of)


Doin' it for the points

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I ain't getting your meaning and I dunno if I want to.

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Disco Munky
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Whatever dude.

Doin' it for the points

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Very powerful visual, the copy needs some work.

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This campaign remembers me a little the last year award winning campaign for a coffee, in which hands just pop up from the cup to the face of people.

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Agreed. It's just a very literal visual expression of the proposition

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Ad Fanatic who ...
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Bad Art, bad copy. We've seen mutant hands growing out of one's face for some stupid Wasabi Chips ad; then we have another where a mutant hand appears from the coffee cup and slap the drinker... All these are as bad as this campaign. Moreover, it's one-ad-done-three-times, for the f**king sake of making it a campaign, and obviously scam, and not to mention, the effortless copy writing.

In short, it's terrible, especially when it's coming from Saatchi Singapore, and it's disappointing to see so many creatives on the credit list with such bad work. That said, I still bet that it'd be an award winner eventually, not for the quality of the work and the idea, but for the obviously reasons, 'Saatchi Singapore'.

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Umberto Vonspiel
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I like it. Simple but really strong.


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Sooo Boom! powerful!

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very effective. going to print it and show to my friend who is a victim. maybe she'll get a clue.

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same execution three times. similar visuals been done by Ogilvy Thailand for non-water hand wash using hand dangling out of the pants after peed.

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Don Rapper
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i don't know, i like it, its a good idea, but theres something about the execution... its seems to be about something funny!

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wtf... :(

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WTF you bitch what if that was you

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made me lol.

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I have pretty much laughed at every one of these. Pretty sure that's not what this campaign should be doing.

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