Avianca Cargo: Wrong Right, 1

Fast, safe and, of course, stylish.

Advertising Agency: Z+Comunicação, São Paulo Brazil
Creative Directors: Leo Macias, Alan Strozenberg
Art Director: Elias Carmo
Copywriter: Leandro Leal
Illustrator: Ilustra Design
Published: December 2010


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Nice illustration...can any one explain the idea...


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same here... wanna know the idea

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Leandro Leal
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The idea is the following: you know when fashion magazines show pictures of people and say which ones are well dressed and which ones are not? Some are tagged as "right" and others as "wrong". The thing here is we have two illustrations (inspired by fashion drawings) which are almost exactly the same, so the both would be "right". The only difference, what makes one "right" instead of the other, is the model on the right side is carrying a pack of Avianca Cargo. Avianca Cargo is a transport service, just like FedEx or DHL. This ad was created especially for the people in fashion business, in order to convince them to use Avianca Cargo to transport their clothes all over Brazil.

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it makes a lot more sense if your target market is in the fashion business

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But how does this convince them to use the service? The model on the right is a model, not a courier. This seems like a sketch of what the client wants: seeing people with their package under their arm. Just putting a package under their arm and saying 'this is right' doesn't make it persuasive, or attractive, or sorry to say, understandable.

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why don't you read the other comments first, before you post something?
somebody already explained it.

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I like it.

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the campaign works for me. its a good realisation and but they could drawn her eyes in a better way.

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