Avena Nestlé: Hope

The hope of an entire country is what holds its greatest dreams.
Ecuador and Avena Nestle support Emilio Falla on his participation on the Olympic Games Beijing 2008.

Advertising Agency: MAYO DRAFT FCB, Quito, Ecuador
Creative Director / Copywriter: Carlos Serrano
Art Director: Alejandro Muñoz
Other additional credits: Felipe Arcos, Andrés Santos, Sebastián Barrera
Published: August 2008


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looks like a cross between excite bike and mother earth's breast exam. the top and bottom don't seem to match and overall it's a little boring, sorry.

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Crisp One
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yea...imma have to agree.....sorry to add condescending comments Ivan, but this ad sucks. Doesn't seem like they had a clear idea from the beginning

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jajaja, ahora que comentan esto, tienen toda la razón.

jajaja,the comments are right.

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I see a bear in the clouds

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I see mother earth's breast exam in the clouds

"you are valued for your value so be valuable..."

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I cannot bear......... ; (


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Boring ad, great first line of copy.

" " - Junior Copywriter

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Me ancanta!!!!!! lo mejor de todo es que es de Ecuador!!!
Los que digan lo contrario son... envidiosos!!

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